How many guys over 30 years of age are now FATTER than their fathers?

Have you wondered why?

“I remember what my grandfather and father used to eat when they were my age, I SURELY EAT LESS than them, but I am fatter than what they were at my age” – said a friend. I said there is not much to think about. Blame it on your life style that is all..I said. So we set about looking at the problem in a different way.

I asked him a few questions..and he gave truthful answers:

What was your weight when at college?

He: Not sure but I guess it was in the mid to late 50s..say 57kgs.

Me: What is your weight now?                He: About 84 kgs.

Me: When did you leave college?              he said 1988

Me: Which means you have put on 27kgs in about 27 years…is that right?

He: Yes, yes I have put on about 1kg per year…

I told him the following:

Your father ate more at home, and less outside. As a family your mother bought more raw material and made things at home, but you tend to buy more things. Your consumption of MAIDA has gone up SUBSTANTIALLY because you not only eat samosa (which your father also did), you also eat noodles, bread, pizza and a host of other such products.

Your father went using public transport to go wherever he wanted. This meant he walked down the steps (your old building did not have a lift), he walked to the bank, he went shopping he WENT walking and took a rick only if the had to buy (and carry) a lot of things (that too on the way back).

Assume for a minute that all this took about 100 calories. Also assume that you drink one cup of extra tea a day. (about 100 calories a day). This means that you are consuming about 20o calories a day. The rough equivalence is about 8000 calories add up to one kilo. So in one year – you are consuming about 73000 calories MORE than your dad (365 * 200). This is about 9 kg a year is the weight that you are putting on every YEAR….you are lucky that you are doing something because of which your weight has gone up by ONLY ONE KILO per year…it should have been more.

Now get serious, keep a tab on what you are eating, how much,….etc…..and take care.

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  1. At age 9, I was eating fried stuff daily (chips, farsan), white bread, and drinking lots of Rasna. My father never had those at that age.

    In 8th standard, my father trekked 6 kms *one way* to go to school, and this was over hilly terrain, not straight roads. I happily caught the BEST bus!

    At my current age (~40), my father went by second class train for 1 hour+ one way along with 30 mins walk to & fro the station, 6 days a week. I happily drive 45 minutes in my A/c car, 5 days a week with about 2 days a month work from home :).

    Without much surprise, at one point, I was 32Kgs overweight than my father ever was.

    Only recently have I balanced my diet, reduced carbs, increased proteins, started fasting, and reduced my weight by 20Kgs. Hoping the damage wasn’t severe till then.

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