this is my article as it appears in Economic Times as it appeared…such articles generate a lot of anger…people who have bought neither RE or stocks will keep asking:


1. what if I had bought in Mira road instead of  Santacruz?

2. Did the author do it himself ?

3. What nonsense is this?

4. Rs. 200,000 was  a huge lot of money in 1977

5. Share markets are risky – shares can vanish, but a house will always be there….

I AM NOT HERE TO ARGUE – THESE are just facts, use it as you wish. If you get rich good for you, If you do not get rich, God bless.

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  1. Subra,
    In today’s ET, I found a column on SEBI regulations on REIT. What are your comments on concept of MFs applied to Real estates? I thought it is good in the following sense:
    1. All white transactions
    2. Rent is given as dividend and tax rules are same as dividends from equity MFs
    3. Taxation for capital gains is same as that of equity MFs.
    4. Lot of bad things might disappear from RE industry, if regulated correctly.

  2. Subra ,

    I tried to calculate the value of Rs 2,00,000 invested in Wipro from 1977 to present day. Face value of wipro was Rs 100 that time. Counting all the bonus share and share split the amount does not come up to 8000 crores. I am curious as to how the figure of 8000 crores was calculated.


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