One of the best things to do is to live on less. This is easier said than done, but it is not difficult. I know a whole set of people who can live on less and lesser. Some of them will not eat at a wedding because the food is too rich, and I know 4 people who do not attend weddings. One of them has not attended any wedding / ceremony where there is public eating  – for the past 13 years. This includes the ceremonies of his brother and sister’s families.

As an ordinary individual what can you do?

1. De clutter your life: reduce the number of things that you have, but do not use. Shoes, slippers, dresses, books – what you have not used in 5 years, you will not use again.

2. Stop looking for outside approval: Frankly the people around me are so busy that they do not NOTICE me. Why should my house, dress, life-style, car, …meet their approval? Frankly it does not matter. You should reach a stage when you need not even tell YOURSELF that they do not matter. Honestly they are too busy with their own life.

3. Look, touch and feel all your assets: see if you feel good about the things that you have. If you have bought things on a whim, chances are you are not using it. If that is the case, get rid of it. Either sell it off on many of those websites or gift it away.

4. After you have decluttered does your house look more empty or bigger? that itself is half the battle won.

5. Meditate for half an hour to one hour a day. Deep breathing brings more peace with oneself. Take up some sport – that improves your blood circulation, and keeps you active.

6. Make an Investment Philosophy statement, and an Investment diary, you should also have one book talking about the logic of every investment of yours. If you DO NOT know why you bought an asset, you should not own it.

7. Shed the burden of Judgement: So many people comment on me and my blog. Do they hurt me? No. To me many of them do not matter. I have no clue what they are saying (i.e. I do not know their background) so to me their commenting does not matter. I regularly unfriend people on FB. Absolutely necessary to do so – however if you are CAREFUL about whom you add as friends, I guess that alone will be enough

8. Stay away from toxic thoughts, packaged foods, allopathic medicines, ….look this has worked for me – I am not sure whether it will work for everybody.

9. I have used some strategies that have worked for me for the past say 30 years – you need to find your own path.



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  1. Stay away from allopathic medicines ??!!
    I would rephrase it as stay away from indiscriminate use of allopathic medicines.

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