It is an absolutely mad quest for more.

A bigger house, a bigger holiday, a bigger college and education for our kids.

To achieve this we have added more work, need more returns on equities, bubbles in real estate, – dammit it is scary.

So when Raghuram Rajan says we are in the midst of a bubble, we wonder, what nonsense is he talking.

I guess he is talking of a big, huge bubble. Nationally it could be Real estate, internationally it could be banking, Options, Oil, Tech.

We pursue too much of more, and once we have it, we wonder why. How great is it to have a cupboard full of clothes – 43 Tee shirts, 33 formal shirts, 34 pants, 33 informal shirts….and you keep wondering what to wear! If your cupboard had 5 white shirts, 4 tee shirts, and 4 cotton pants, – believe me you will be less stressed. See how relieved you are when you give away things that you do not need. The great US of A is now seeing a shift to minimal living. People are experimenting living in ‘small’ houses of ONLY 1000 sq ft. Indians (especially Mumbaikars) have perfected the art of living in houses about 340 sq. ft.

If we want to reduce the load on Mother earth, and more importantly on the weak shoulders of gen Y we will have to learn to live with less. A scientific pursuit of buying ONLY what we need, FOR OURSELVES.

If we eat for our stomachs (and not our tongues), and earn for our needs (not greed) we will make the world a better place.

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