Have you ever stood in front of your wardrobe and wondered what to wear?

Or have you re-arranged your clothes and found some unused / rarely used dress that you FORGOT existed?

Did these thoughts create stress? Did you feel overwhelmed?

It is time to de-stress. De- stress starts with de-cluttering.

Go to your desktop / laptop and delete files. Get rid of paper.

Surrender your ULIPs – the expensive ones. I have some real inexpensive ones (sadly the fund manager is a joker, so it is hurting me), surrender the endowment policies. Take a look at your mutual fund list. If there are more than 5 items in that list ask YOURSELF why do you have them. If you cannot answer that question, redeem it.

Explain your Investment philosophy to your wife and your 8 year old daughter. If you cannot, you need to LEARN better, and write down. So write down why you have invested, what rate of return were you expecting, where are you in that goal now, do you still need the product. If you have money in a bank fixed deposit BREAK IT AND put it in a mutual fund. Still makes sense to be in mutual funds (I have done an article on Mutual funds vs FD).

Now downsize the vehicle in which you are travelling – from a 7 seat SUV  to a 4 seat variant. Stop telling yourself…I need a bigger car when somebody comes from the airport. Your parents need a pick up? Go by bus to the airport and hire a cab. Stop telling a lie to yourself.

Next downsize meals, holidays,….

Reduced things, reduced emi, reduced stress, reduced clutter……try it on quick!!

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  1. Very true…..
    But if every body starts following..the economy may collapse…:)
    Fortunately there lot of fools so economy will keep on rolling…….

    By the way….what a irony….three ads of RE on ur page…..

  2. @ B,

    I believe advertisements are not controlled by Subra. The adds pop ups based on our own browsing history.


  3. The ads are controlled by both the contents in the page as well as recent browsing history(especially trade websites).

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