It is amazing how people can take some discrete data and come to completely wrong conclusions. Why does this happen? Simply because the human mind tries to draw a pattern in whatever they see. Many a times there is no pattern. Sometimes it is obvious, sometimes it is not.

Warren Buffet’s daughter says ‘he does not drink water, only drinks coke’. Really?

Assuming it to be true, what should I do with that data? dance? rejoice? buy shares of Coke? Frankly I do not know what to do. I do think Coke is harmful for all its consumers around the whole world. (the greatest proof is India’s rising importance in the Sales hierarchy of Coke and Pepsi – the developed countries are giving it up!)

As a consumer you should not be drinking it, the bottle is toxic, the sugar kills – and even assuming that the information is accurate, IT IS USELESS.

Dhirubhai Ambani was only class 8 pass: SO WHAT?

You should know the difference between people who are extremely smart BUT could not complete FORMAL education vs lazy and dumb people who are too lazy to get past 8th class. DA was OBVIOUSLY very very capable – so do not just pluck his ‘education up to class 8’ as a big thing in his life. Just like Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar or even Aliya Bhat – who did not go past school. SRT has proved himself as a world class cricketer who got the Bharat Ratna, Aliya is of course yet to prove herself.

I drink, I smoke and I am 200% fit – Winston Churchill.

Luck of the genes.

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