“Subra sir I want to lose weight”.

When people tell me this, I look at myself in the mirror and laugh. I keep wondering what prompts these kids to come up to me and ask for suggestions. So I start and say “Get up in the morning and go for a Run”. This is greeted by a horrified look “6 pm is the only time I see 6…”.

Why do you not eat less? is greeted by “I eat only 2 slices of bread / chappatis’. I chuckle and tell myself ‘it is what you eat between your meals kiddo…but then both of us lose interest in the conversation and we are off to discuss the sensex or Narendra Modi.

However for those who go beyond these stages I tell them “you should cook your own meal” and that is also met with “I have no time for cooking sir…I reach the office at 9am and leave at 7pm….and have no energy left…blah blah.

So what does it really take to INVEST IN YOUR HEALTH? Is it really so difficult?

1. Stop lying to yourself. You actually have the time, full domestic help and support at home, AND CAN FIND TIME. It is just that you are lying. So stop that NOW.

2. Make simple changes in life: walk at least one kilometer from your house to the office. Walk to the station, take a flight of stairs, walk to the office instead of taking an auto. Keep a rule for YOURSELF – saying that up to 4km distances YOU WILL WALK, and you will use public transport, climb to the office, climb back home….

3. See where are you wasting your time: Most busy people like C Rajagopalachari, Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, all of them found time for exercise. Now gimme a break you are not really that busy are you? Track where are you ‘spending’ your time and tell yourselves honestly that you do not have time for your health! Once in a while God finds time for your health. Being bed ridden for a week or a fortnight is God’s way of reminding you…

4.Re direct your time towards healthier activities: see if meetings can be held while you are walking. Can you watch ‘saas bhi kabhi bahu thi?’ while on a treadmill? or all your IPL matches while doing your body exercises? Why not try to combine work out with a TV show?

5. Be very clear that ‘health’ does not really take too much time: One hour a day is just about 5% of your time….I am sure we all waste much much more than that waiting for a bus, coffee, at the lunch table, etc. …so today is a good day to start!

Remember, being healthy and wealthy are outcomes out of CHOICES that YOU are making.

Stop blaming the whole world for corruption, pollution, stress, over-work, – all that is bull. Pure bull.

YOU CHOOSE – health and wealth vs. bad and poor habits.

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  1. I agree sir, I recently started one thing, the moment i wake up in morning, I hit the trail near my home: run for 15-20 mins… enough to keep me energetic for whole day. Whatever the clothes, just go out before I realize or think about doing it. It worked for 1 week, now it is once a week – time has come to stop lying to myself about not getting time.

    My inspiration was, I read about someone who’s been running since 40 years, and he’s 70! So, I thought, i can do it despite being late. Hope I get to bed sooner, sacrificing late night TV shows.

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