I have written a lot about Investment lessons, here are a few more:

1. Being a Contrarian has to be sensible: You cannot cross the road when the signal is RED. There has to be LOGIC in being a Contrarian.

2. If you do not know the incentive of the person making a pitch to you, there is not much fun knowing the product.

3. When Peter Lynch says invest in a product that you understand, it does not mean invest in Wriggleys. It does not mean buy shares of Spice Jet. It just means LOOK AT THE NUMBERS – decisions have to be based on numbers, not GUT.

4. Make lots of mistakes when you are YOUNG. At least the stakes are less.

5. Even money lost when you are young are difficult to forget – especially if you understand compounding!

6. 90% of the products offered to you by banks, insurance, mutual funds, are USELESS, about 90% of that are downright harmful, and expensive.

7. Your Relationship Manager can cause far greater harm than what you think he/she can.

8. Read points 6 and 7 together.

9. Futures and Options is a brilliant tool for making money for the professionals. The bill is normally picked up by the amateurs.

10. Trying to learn about the economy, futures n options, predicting the next market move and chasing fund performance – NONE of this is worth making an effort.

11. Growth stories sound sexy. Value stories make money.

11 is a good start I guess!!

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