If you bought a Hindalco, Tata Steel, Tata Motors when GD Birla and JRD Tata signed the share certificates, you must be a really long time shareholder. We are talking in excess of 50 years here.

Even if you bought Nestle, Colgate, Hindustan Lever in the 1970s, you must be a real long time shareholder. Simply because people think 37 years is a life time, not an investment time.

Now as a shareholder you got your growth, dividends, etc. and you are not expecting anything from the Company.

So why should a company send you a thank you letter for being such long term shareholder?

Well, they need not. HOWEVER, Let’s say a company sent out a letter thanking people for holding shares, what happens? People get more loyal to the company. Or mutual fund. Just a well drafted letter telling them how their holding has generated wealth, and how the shareholder was VERY SMART in buying the share, and holding it for such a long time. Suppose a company has generated 16% CAGR over 20 years, calculate the returns in terms of money and tell the person.

Similarly if an individual has created wealth for himself by investing in say SIP of a well managed fund, thank him, his IFA, and show him how much wealth has been created.

Ditto if a client has used your airconditioner or ….whatever.

Remember all these clients HAD A CHOICE — they chose you. Thank them for making that choice..Remember Kingfisher flights? They used to thank you for making that choice…

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