What does the country want from Na Mo?

Frankly Judicial reforms, Police reforms and generally good governance.

However what can one expect from Na Mo (Wishlist?) from NaMo:

1. Quickly get rid of the politicians from the PSU boards and get rid of the rent seekers.

2. Ntpc, Nhpc, Bhel, Coal India, Sbi, Ongc – start with these 6 and in the next 100 days you can see all these share prices double. The p/e will catch up.

3. Find out the real number of Investors in India. The regulator is saying it is 10000000 (one crore) my gut feeling is it is about 1% of that.

4. Create ETFs of PSU stocks and SUTI holdings. Now. Today.

5. Give RBI full freedom to run the banks, get rid of the Banking bureaucrats in the Finance Ministry. You do not need them.

6. Get rid of steel, coal, civil aviation ministries. You will save a lot of time and energy.

7. Merge all the State Bank subsidiaries with SBI, and the others with Bank of Baroda. Period.

Too radical ?

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  1. All your list surrounds Market. But all are true which needs to be geared without any delay. But people expects much more.
    As per nostardamus, a True Leader of India run our Government and makes very prosperous.

  2. All this is possible only if Modi (BJP) gets 272+ (without allies/support). I mean only BJP and not NDA gets 272+ (preferably 300+).

  3. Hopes running high with reforms on the cards;
    Concern in terms of majority in Rajya Sabha, inflation and fiscal quality remains static.. and hence I am afraid our hopes are too high in shorter term.

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