No this is not a post about the crimes in the financial sector. It is just about crimes in the real world.

If you watch / read about real life crimes, you realize that there is some kind of a pattern….

Many of the crimes happen in the family and around the house. You can hear/see/ read stories (real life) which you would NEVER believe if it was a work of fiction. Let me give you a few examples:

1. A sister killing her brother who tried to stop her drinking and sleeping around.

2. A son who kills his mother – because he wanted some money.

3. A mother and son killing their own daughter (his own sister)

4. A daughter killing her own mother because her mother would not let her meet a guy she liked

5. A father killing his daughter because she answered back

6. A spouse killing because he/she wants to have an extra marital affair

the list is really endless.

Most of this is actually a pattern. The pattern of NOT BEING ABLE to ‘control’ their need for NOW.

As parents or friends it is very easy to see children (and many adults too) being very impulsive in real life. Whether it is a Rs. 1000 for a Tee Shirt or a Rs. 84,000 plasma television, many people MUST have it NOW. This kind of behavior when translated to real life, these people are unable to control their emotions. Imagine a sister killing her own brother – there is a good chance that there is regret later on, but the act is done. Worse, the REAL sufferer is the parent – one kid dead, and the other kid in jail. Does the parent pay for the court proceedings? How does one react to the other kid?

What can YOU do about this?

Simple. Learn the art of slowing things down. Once in a week (or month) do things slowly. No multi tasking. Take all the acts that you do. And slow it down. Take eating for example. Thank God for the meal. Thank your wife / mother / whoever is the person who put the food on the table (in my case floor!). Eat slowly. Every mouthful should be chewed say 25 times – see how it feels.

Now if the parents had taught patience, and picked up the signals, they would have been better off.

The sad part in such murders is that the price is paid by MANY people. Imagine a family with 2 children – where one sister kills the son. Parents stay back to pay the price. The wastrel daughter is in jail anyway…

So when you get the signals early on, pick them up. Do not ignore…..

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  1. Subra,

    In todays materialistic world we will continue to see this sort of behaviour. Life has to be consciously slowed down–(difficult proposition sometimes) Our ego’s need to be locked up.
    This sort of stuff is seen more in educated urban areas.
    Its the price we pay for development & Progress.


  2. Very pertinent observations and timely advice. Today’s mantra seems to be: Life’s short, Life’s One Time (Zindagi na milegi dobara!), Youth is even shorter. So enjoy all that you can AND as quickly as you can, because there’s no telling what you will have or will not have tomorrow. Party tonight and leave the hangover to tomorrow. Eating dal-chawal and reading a book instead? Why dear, you’re wasting your time!!

    Same aspirations are espoused by entire countries…We want the high economic growth NOW. Never mind how lopsided or misallocated the growth is. Let’s take the farmers lands, tribal lands NOW, and build dams/roads/power plants for that GDP growth NOW!

    You can’t fault the citizens for mirroring the aspirations expressed by the leaders & media. Can either state or citizen be reined in? Looks doubtful, both are now racing to the steep fall (or vertical wall if you’d like) that is imposed by earth’s limited resources. And when they dash against it, do expect a major fallout.

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