When you are born in a big industrialist family, you have no problems, right?

Well no. Wrong.

There is just too much expectation. Imagine you are born in a Birla household. Your grandfather, father, uncles, everybody is into some business or the other. Your family functions are an extension of the corporate life. The current rain maker gets all the attention immaterial of what is the function. Life is not so easy as you think.

Cut to your age of 27. Tragedy in the family and you have just NOW inherited a company with a Net Worth of Rs. 4000 crore.

What to you do? You actually wish to sell it, raise Rs. 4000 crores, put it in a capital protected fund and live off the income.

Or give it to a fund manager and create a Rs. 20 crore income for your lifestyle.

You think you can do this? No.

As a community and as a country we put too much pressure on performance. If your father left you Rs. 4k crore, you should leave Rs. 40k crore….blah blah..blah.

So under that pressure you start attending office. You hate (HATE) going to office. You hate attending those meetings. You are an introvert and do not want everybody watching every move of yours.

What do you like?

Well you like photography, nature, painting.

You want to fund movies. You want to travel around the world. You have your set of friends.

You do not like the restrictions on food, on partying, on not finding time for your hobbies.

Your requirements are few. You are not turned ON by the turnover numbers. Or by the fact that a Central Cabinet Minister is using your Mumbai Guest house.

Do you really have a choice? No.

You still have to attend your family events. Here you are compared to your uncles, cousins, in laws,…..and well you have to hear all that..


NO. In an Indian situation, you will RARELY (if at all) see this happen.

So you will sit in a corner and keep sulking. Bad luck guys.

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  1. Reminds me of the plight of a middle class man

    Hum kya karen Ehbab, kya kare numaya kar gaye
    Ki BA (read MBA) hue Naukar hue,
    Pension mIli or MAR GAYE.

  2. Exactly what I am trying to say Aditya. To break out and do something on your own – I mean trying to live life very different from friends, relatives, classmates, etc. is very tough.

    Every time I think of a Vivekananda or a Gandhiji I keep wondering how did they handle pressure.

    My lifestyle too is very very different from the ‘average’ guy I know, and I know how much pressure there is to ‘conform’…I do not.

    Hey but that is a choice I made. Others who look at me think ‘Subra you are lucky’ – hey it is a choice you are refusing to make.

  3. Great one Subra. Indians are conditioned from their childhood on how to lead their own personal life. It takes great mind and courage to live your own life against the pressure. But I would say, once you tasted it, you feel so happy and relaxed, wondering why other persons are struggling even though they have more than what you have 🙂

  4. as kids on facebook say these days, this is a #richpeoples problem
    the father should never have let the son inherit much wealth beyond the basic to allow whatever he wanted to do without fear of poverty.

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