The Indian financial year just went by and you must have done your last minute topping of 80C, paid your medical premium, got your rent agreement in place, reviewed your Housing Loan papers, got your Form 16 – and would be preparing for filing your return, right?

Well it is a good time to visit your financial goals and do a review of where you are going:

1. Is your asset allocation as per your vision statement?

2. Are your mutual funds performing well, has the fund manager changed, has he changed the asset allocation AWAY from what he promised?

3. Do you need to make any change in your will? Your parent’s will? Do it today, not tomorrow.

4. Are your financial papers in place?

5. Is your TERM insurance and Medical insurance appropriate? well priced? can you get a better deal?

6. Is your CV updated? Have you checked your current market price? Do you think you are overpaid? If so learn to live on less. Much less.

7. Ditto…for your spouse.

8. Do you need a financial planner? Is your financial life complicated (multiple marriages, dependent parents, challenged siblings or progeny, shaky job,…..). Then seek the help of a good planner / lawyer and make sure that your documentation is perfect.

————-thee could be many ——-but at least make a start with these 8———–

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  1. Subra has a queueing system in place where he can queue a lot of posts to come up at odd hours (courtesy wordpress) He has mentioned about that before too..

    Anyway, good post on friendship involving finance subra.

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