It might be easier to get a father to talk about sex with his daughter than talk money! If you thought that Sex was the only topic that Indian families did not talk at the dining table, think again. I guess it is money.

Why do people not talk money?

They are either too shy (fear) to talk about it, or they think that their partner might spend more (if she knows the CTC instead of the take home pay for instance), or wanting to WRONGLY prioritize without the family knowing about an impending financial crisis.

Another reason why MEN do not talk about money is they think it is none of their spouse’s business. Why should my wife and children know what I am doing with the money – an empowerment question..

Be that as it may, it is ABSOLUTELY necessary to talk money. Here is a post on how to talk money.

First start talking about goals – how to repay education loans, when to get married, where to stay, babies, buying a house – the typical things that you will do in life.

Maybe this could help :

this will lead to money for sure. Keep it for a different date, if it gets too HOT or results in bitterness or aloofness.

Then talk about things like – supporting the family members. Siblings, parents, etc. Seeking help and giving financial help, both should figure somewhere in the talk.

Your 14 year old should also know whether you will pay capitation fee for her medical seat or no. Whether you are saying NO because you really cannot afford it, OR on principles.

Even bringing up what level of debt that they are comfortable with, will you spend 12k on a One day fun event, how much will you spend on a luxury vacation?

It is terrible to see couples cribbing separately about each others spending (or not spending) habits.

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  1. Poor guys ,well all my years i have found people are waiting for the miracle to happen and doing what their forefathers were doing. the world has changed but people have hope without knowledge.
    may be we all need the oracle of omaha in every society as the experience of world wars and period of recessions and depressions have gone down in the books of history and people are munching in mcdonalds,pizza hut.
    go and watch movies like seabusicuit, cinderella men.

    these days people are trained like military , no brains working for weekend fun , parties and loans. the age of information has eaten the minds of youth and the olds lagging behind.
    “apni to nayiaa hey ram ke bharose”

  2. Hi Subra

    Its not only about man not talking. Many times, women do not want to talk about finance..they feel its too complicated to understand.

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