One boy in office walks up to me and says “Sir I have joined a Gym, and now my weight will go down”.

Now a little about his background. He is 25 years of age, about 5′ 10″ and weighs about 110kg. Overweight? No. Obese!! And has been having a problem with his weight for a long time – and now his Blood pressure is at worrying levels….

So I asked him…why is he joining a gym, will it really help types of questions. This was how the conversation went:

Me: Tell me more about the oldest person in your house…

Boy: My grandfather aged about 95 years lives with us. He has given up non-veg for the past 20 odd years, has a blood sugar problem – but no other health related issues. He goes for 30-45 minute walks twice a day. He eats frugally with lots of green veggies, UNCOOKED. He has his meals at fixed times…and if he is given a sweet he takes ONE. He eats that over the full day..but NEVER asks for a second helping.

Me: Why do you need a Talwalkar or a Leena Mongre gym to tell u the basics which your GRANDFATHER KNOWS? and DOES?

My take:

– Home made solutions are too basic, so people will ignore.

– They may listen to a trainer whom they pay Rs. 7000 a month,….

soch lo…

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  1. There is no alternative to self-discovery and self-learning. When you uncover the real truth for yourself, you are more than determined to fulfill it. In my case, I went from 103 to about 80 over a 2 year period. Had tried all sorts of gym, running, sauna before that, but nothing had worked.
    Then learnt about paleo/carb-backloading diet and followed it in a disciplined manner and bid a forever goodbye to excess fat. I’m still shedding it, though the rate has reduced now.
    Others who come to me, and try to seek my advice fail at the basic concept…they are not determined enough…and because they’re relying on second-hand knowledge (mine) over their own, they give up easily…and I can’t get them to continue their diet/lifestyle changes after a couple of months.

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