What are the common financial worries – and what are their solutions?

Let me list them, as I HEAR IT:

1. Huge debt combined with job insecurity:

Whenever a young person takes a loan somebody in the family is bound to say ‘OMG you are taking a Rs. 18 lakh loan (it could be anything from Rs 5 lakhs to Rs. 450 Lakhs!) – I took only Rs. 1.5L in my times. Actually this is not the right way to look at a loan.

If your father was earning Rs. 15,000 a month and took a Rs. 5.5 lakh loan to buy a house, he was taking a 3 year CTC as a loan. If you and your spouse are earning Rs. 1.5L per month and you take a Rs. 55 lakh loan for buying a house, YOU are also taking a 3 year CTC as a loan.

Most people are comfortable while taking the loan – HOWEVER the risk is if you are over paid (I mean if your next employer will pay you ONLY half of your current salary, then there is something to worry about. This maybe difficult to believe, but in a world with changing technologies, skill requirements, negative appraisals people should be ready for a 10-20% salary cuts during difficult times.

2. Worrying about UNEXPECTED health expenses:

Almost everybody I meet is extremely worried about health expenses. They will rattle of names of friends who spent anything from Rs. 4L to Rs. 100L while treating their family members/ friends etc. Sure, get yourself insured – BUT A FAR FAR FAR MORE important solution is to get yourself into a fit condition. From today. Sorry. NOW.

3. Children’s Education Expenses:

It is clearly a very big worry. My take is the worry is simply because they THINK that the education is their responsibility and they SHOULD pay for it. So no father will say ‘I have already spent Rs. 10L on your degree’ – they will be willing to spend Rs. 30L on their next education degree also. Amazing parents who are willing to compromise on their own standard of living – and think that this education will take them to stratosphere. All the best. No simple solutions. Live within your means, and let your kids borrow.

4. Overspending:

More true for the younger kids. Absolutely no control on their phones, and other gizmos. Earning 20k a month and willing to spend Rs 30k on a mobile (Subra Sir it has a camera, music, …etc.). Hmmm no comments again.

5. Paying for parents old age:

Than can be scary if your parent has not provided for it themselves. If a parent lives till the age of 90 (common these days), and you are the only son, chances are 15 years into YOUR RETIREMENT you are still paying for your parent’s expenses. This is not just scary, it is nightmarish.

6. Your Retirement Corpus:

You have no clue how much you require (try Pattu’s calculators) – but do it mid afternoon. If you do it in the night, you may not wake up alive. It is damn scary.

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  1. As always yet another great post.

    With reference to last comment in the post I’ve to say that Pattu’s calculators have been of immensely help to me. The calculator put me on the spot and showed me that I don’t have much time left and must start investing for my goals. Thank you Pattu! As a result I’ve started SIPs.

  2. V True.

    About kids education fund and retirement corpus. I wld say one should select later. The best gift any parent can give to their children (better than any degree education) is ‘by financially not be dependent on their kids’.

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