A few things that you should teach your kids:

1. Be responsible for your actions: When a kid runs and gets hurt, do not blame the bed, table or chair. Teach the kid that the table was stationary, it did not do anything, and the blame cannot be on the table.

2. Patience: the whole world will want the kid to do many things. Even the kid feels the power of ‘NOW’. Teach patience – make the kid wait for a bus, train, queues, – it actually helps relax when you know to internalize these things. You cannot ALWAYS find a ‘Ramu kaka’ who will buy your tickets. At least your children should NOT.

3. Everything has a Price, but Value is what YOU know to create out of it: Whether it is a Rs. 2000 doll with which she did not play or a Gym that you joined but did not go. The price was paid, but the value not drawn. And she could have a doll bought for her in class 2 which is STILL a favorite in class 12. That is super value. Exactly what happens later on in life while investing too.

4. Money has to be earned, it has to be respected, saved, invested, loved, and cared for. You may spend a lot or spend frugally, but ALL these steps are absolutely necessary. I know one businessman who keeps saying “I do not need money, my lifestyle is very simple’ – God hears him loud and clear – I have never known him to be COMFORTABLE with money. Immaterial of how much he has or needs. Funny.

5. Life is fair, we get what we deserve, and normally we are biased in our thinking.

6. Being rich and simple in this materialistic world is possible. It gives peace, and richness is a state of mind, not bank balance. Tell her that her heart should decide whether she is successful, not her excel sheet.

many more perhaps?

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  1. Better teach them when they are children, than when they are teenagers! It would become very difficult to make them understand then!

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