For many people, especially, in Real estate investments, returns are always in 2 digits and this over 30 years of time.

I have found it futile trying to tell them that this CANNOT BE SO.

So long ago I had asked for our Calculator King a.k.a Pattabiraman to make a Real Estate Return calculator.

The advantage in asking him to make a calculator is, it gets made in a few hours and he is there saying

Knock Knock …can you take a look? I did. It works. I am wondering HOW MANY OF MY READERS WANT TO USE IT – sheer inertia is scary!

So here is your homework, please use this calculator (honestly) taking the LAST TRADED PRICE (not the hoped for price) and see your returns over 1, 3, 5, 10, 30…years and tell me what are the numbers. Either feel MORE happy or be happy with this realty check. To thank me and Pattu, please donate money to a charity of YOUR CHOICE. Fair enough?

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  1. Thank you subra…we will definately look into pattus input which as always must be GREAT….Rahi bat understanding ki…to there simple ordinary non finance folks like me whoes day start with Subras Tution know ALREADY…” Renting is always better than owing”…Be it Vacation,Four wheeler and Definately RE…Long live Owners

  2. Hi, I have one question on calculating interest. We call it VC(but its a type of RD but every month different amount)
    March 50000
    April 44400
    May 42700
    June 44200
    July 45600
    August 46850
    Septemb 47300
    October 48500
    Novembe 49000
    Decembe 49500

    In total, I paid 468050
    and I got 490000(in November)

    How to calculate this return?? Is it good to invest this kind of return?

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