Most of the charity work that I like to support are aimed at kids. Simply because I think that they are the most vulnerable and are there for, literally no fault, of theirs. If a person is poor at the end of his/ her life it could be bad circumstances, bad habits, poor choices, etc. – but kids really there is NO FAULT OF THEIRs….

So apart from other charities that I have written about Isha Vidhya stands out as a well organised body.

A few friends are going on a trek for raising money and have a target of raising US $ 4000 – let us see if Subramoney readers can help them in this journey.

IF YOU DO DONATE please comment in the comments column below. I hope God reads and sends you HIS blessings 🙂

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  1. I have made small contribution for this cause. Thanks Subra sir for motivating us for saving,budgeting,investing,exercising and sometimes for charity.Your blog has become my early morning rituals. Thanks for everything.
    Donation Ref: GFO-1392988710-9604

  2. Dr Priya Vaidyanathan

    Thanks from our hearts and on behalf of children at Isha Vidhya for sharing the fundraiser. A BIG thank you to all the generous donors who are enabling a rural underpriviledged child in India get a life! by touching another life you are enriching yours. Donations can be made in Indian Rupees or US dollar and one can avail of Income Tax benefits on the donation made.

  3. Dr Priya Vaidyanathan

    Every contribution, small or big will change the life of a rural child at Isha Vidhya for every. They are truly blessed to have your support and encouragement. Thank You from our hearts to every one of you. We are inspired.

  4. Hi Subra

    As always many thanks for Introducing one more good organization .Giving Not only should be to a right cause but also to RIGHT ORGANIZATION .Thank You Once Again.

    My Transaction ID:GFI-1393078195-9551

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