speaking at Nirma Institute of Management

speaking at Nirma Institute of Management


Capital Markets and Securities Law

Capital Markets and Securities Law

Was at Ahmedabad – and was amazed to see that there is a new generation there which does not want to come to the Equities Market – really sad.

Thanks to the short term memory – thinking that in the last 7 years the market has gone anywhere, these kids are staying away.


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  1. Really surprising subra…Anywhere else in country..we can still understand..But in a Gujju Heartland if people are staying away from equity…its puzzaling.As countrymen we all learn from Gujjus how to be investor in equity,How to be entrepreneur…If tomorrow Ghatkopar starts staying away from equity and started investing in FDs like..Dadar,Girgaum,Parle,Thane ,Matunga,Dombivali,Vashi,Parle,Borivali.it will be real surprise…Evi Rite shu chaleahe Bhai

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