I have done many posts on what Subramoney as a blog will do…so here is a negative list. I hope it helps:

– there will be no political commentary: I have strong views on AAP, BJP,  Congress, Narendra Modi, Kejriwal, Ra Ga alias pappu, but hey why the hell should I bore you with my views?

– be consistent: I refuse to be cast as an investor, trader, speculator, student, teacher, delivery based speculator, author, father, son, brother, mentor, mentee, uncle, nephew,  – I wear various hats at various times. However when I see people trying to copy me or asking ‘what do you do in your life’ or ‘what u do with your investing’ my take is simple ‘these are things done by somebody who has been in the markets since 1979 so do not do a cut and paste’ Please, I beg of you.

–  give tips: when I say I traded in Bharti Airtel or Reliance – it is completely useless for you. You do not know my profile, portfolio size, brokerage rates, opportunity cost of funds, patience, portfolio composition, entry price, holding period, exit price, – and I trade with time frames of 1 day to 100,000 days. So my examples are just that. Examples.

– write nice things about real estate: rarely do i write nice things about real estate, but I can assure you that I do have real estate positions. Some sensible, some forced, some legal and some moral.  Can assure you NOTHING EMOTIONAL…

– write nice things about ULIPs: I did buy one ULIP – which is doing well in terms of costs (which is normally the biggest grievance) but doing badly in terms of performance (they recruited a joker from a failed place). ULIP is good only if you know how to reverse engineer a financial product, can squeeze a kickback from the insurance company, and tell your banker ‘see i have paid Rs. 83 lakhs as a premium so give me a Rs. 100 crore term loan’ – please adjust the numbers to suit yourself.

– give you ‘top 20 funds to buy’ and such shit. This is also known as financial porn. Refuse to get into smut. Not that I think it is wrong – just that it is not my cuppa …


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  1. Hello Sir,

    I have 8month child… I have increased my term insurance, In his account I started PPF of maximum, started post office of hardly 5K
    KVP of 20K(will continue every year)

    I dont understand MF so I have avoided

    What more I can do for his future?? (will continue PPF&Post)

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