If you are an investment adviser do you ask your clients the following questions. Conversely, if you are a client does your financial adviser have the guts to ask you the following questions? These questions would show how deep your relationship is…

1. When it comes to money what concerns you? And why?

2. Do you know of anybody who ran out of money in his/her old age?

3. Does it bother you that you may finish your money and worse may have to ASK your son/grandchildren for money?

4. How will it hurt you if a big portion of your money was lost due to investment mistakes?

5. What if the mistake was mine?

6. What if the mistake was YOURS – by going AGAINST my advice?

7. Can you tell me about your parents money, wealth, lack of it, spending and investing habits?

8. Did your childhood have happy or sad memories of money?

9. As a child did you get an allowance? was it comfortable? was it too stingy?

10. Did you speak to your parents about money or the lack of it?

11. Would you have got a different education if your parents had more money?

12. Were you forced to take up a job EARLY due to financial pressure?

13. Do you speak openly to your children about money? Do they speak to you freely?

14. Do your children understand your FINANCIAL LOGIC behind saying no to certain things ?

15. Do you gamble? Ever been to a Casino? Do your children see you gamble? Do they gamble?

…..and so on….

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  1. Thanks so much Subra for this wonderful post. I am an advisor myself and while I ask few of these questions but certainly not as comprehensive as you have mentioned. I will certainly take this post as guidepost and probe my clients further to get much more clearer picture.

  2. Hi Subra,

    Such a wonderful post. Thank you so much.

    It will definitely help us if implemented and build stronger relationships with the clients.

    I always like to read your posts.

    Best Regards

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