Sunday..thoda sa philosophy!

When ‘Pooja’ died and went to heaven, she was not very happy. She spoke to God and wanted to know how come she did not get many things in life that she wanted. God did not say anything. He just smiled at her and said ‘Kid go around Heaven and see everything for yourself’.

After a couple of days, she came across a room ‘things I wanted to give to people, but they did not want’. She wanted to see that room..and God said ‘Oh! this room I will have to show you myself…and He came along’.

The first gift they saw was a big huge gleaming Mercedes Benz. She was stunned that somebody could have refused to accept a lovely gift like this.

Out of curiosity she asked God…who was this person who refused such a nice gift! God said “it is you my dear Child”…she was aghast.

She said “impossible..I would never have refused this” God said “Every time when you prayed for a car I would keep this car ready, however when you prayed you thought of a small second hand car…clearly your visual prayer also reached me…”

So like everybody I remembered what I saw… kept on sending you what you visualized.

So the education you got, the husband you choose, the house,…..everything you got what you asked from your heart and what you visualized…now it is not fair that you blame me.

So all you kids out there who know who is Pooja….or those of you who do not know who she is  go out there and remember, Visualization is a powerful tool. It is your communication with the outside world, and with HIM.

So, if you really want something in life, Visualize it EXACTLY how you want it, write it down, make copies of it, stick it in your bedroom, office, bathroom, your goal, dream your goal, pray for your goal…..and you will see Nature conspiring to make it happen.

I have seen it happen so often…that I could write a book…so go out there and VISUALIZE – it is a form of prayer.

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  1. Dr M.Chandrashekhar

    I agree with you– I have been teaching Senior Citizens to practice Creative Visualisation & Positive Thinking so that they remain in a happy state of mind. Combining with profuse Gratitude works wonders.

    You always Visualise in the ‘Present” as if it is occurring now & thank the Lord.

    If you want money ( who doesn’t?) learn to carry money in your wallet in plenty always –rather than keeping it in safe. Get the feel that you have money always. When you part with high denomination notes, thank it & request it( in your mind) to come back to you many folds.

    Don’t blame me if some one picks your pocket !

  2. This article of yours has made me think. How important it to visualise what you want from life. Now to find out the ways to achieve them .Thanks

  3. i have also seen to happen in our family ,but it is difficult to do it for me by the design, i think , and i am what i am , and not what i like to be , at least monetarily!

  4. Subra,
    Just one question, when I keep on visualizing more greater things which are NOT in my reach, do we call it a GREED?
    Confused I am…. 🙂

  5. Yes I agree that there is great power in visualisation. Your article reminds me of the scriptures in The Bible and Rhonda Bryne’s book “The Secret”

  6. Subra,

    I always visualize things(mostly my projects) before sleep. It is happening now the way I have visualized. The good part is I put my hard work to make them reality. I can not express the happiness it gives!

    Now I know the reason why it happened! Thanks Subra!

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