Retire Rich: Invest Rs. 40 a day is a book written for the young population in the accumulation phase.

Now it has completed MORE THAN 5 years in the print format and thanks to all of you has sold about 50k copies.

Asking people here….what is missing in that book? I mean if I were to do it again what would YOU want to see there?

I am clear that I will NOT be putting calculators – in fact all calculators I will put in a link to Pattu’s instead of re inventing the wheel…what else do you want to see?


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  1. For Direct equity investing, what are all the initial homework that we need to do? and any structured way for such homework and of course I realize we need to do lifetime homework for direct equity investing.

    Having said above, if we start direct equity investing early in our 20’s or 30’s then due to power of compounding by the time we retire we can accumulate lot of wealth.

  2. Sir, I have a small suggestion to make. Don’t you think we should factor in inflation in the contents of the book. After all after 5 years inflation has also creeped up.

  3. If possible, add below points:
    1. How much amount needed to save for Conservative/Average/Aggressive investor to build X amount for retirement and the ways to do it.
    2. Small section on Health tips (basic) to keep health in good condition after/before retirement.(which will help to reduce medical cost)
    3. Different ways, the retired person keep himself/herself busy and also earn some money.

  4. Hello,

    I am in the UK.
    Please could you email me your contact number or email id.
    I am struggling to buy your book retire rich…
    I have sent so many messages but no response
    I hope you will respond to this email

    Thanks in advance

  5. 1. The reprint edition was poor quality for 400/-. Pages are falling off.
    2. Ch 13- investment primer – (Tax free bonds) Its not clear on Is effective yield the right way to look at tax-free bonds? The coupon rate is differnt from yeild. Clarify items like non-compounting. Give sample data on how bonds work once they are eventually listed on stock exchanges.
    3. Can you add cases on default as seen with 2008 financial crisis.
    4. ch 14 – Mathematical case studies – please revamp – Can you add sample examples for doctors & IT folks
    5. In all your examples – provide a reference from current 2014 reference – plus or minus 10 years. I think there have been many irreversible changes in this world economy in last 10 years – Banking
    6. Add a new chapter on running
    7.while you talk about Rs 100/- compounding over 200 years — Can you describe a scenario – where a generation starts 100/- today -how can that compounding be maintained for next 200 years , probably across 5-6 generations ? I.e, How poor – bottom of pyramid can be rich/wealthy in 2 generations time ? – wealth building across generations.
    8. What happens if there is 3rd world war ? What happens if China economy collapses ? What happens if Algo trading goes bust ?
    9. Chapter 9,10,11 – Can you include cases for
    10. Revisit sections on NPS
    11. ch 15 – more scenarios/case studies.

    more l8r

  6. Add a security chip inside the book to track it on googlemaps, with ability to remotely deliver shock to the reader as reminder to return borrowed book. This book is never returned back, phew! Had to buy second time.

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