Sure Real estate is an awesome investment, and Indians love it.

I am sure they are buying tons of property and having a great time. And if the builder is big like Kolte Patil you feel safe.

Great….but things can go wrong…like it did for these people…

this was made into a nice blog post and a video link…..

Kolte Patil had NO INTENTIONS of giving on time….they did not even apply for NoC – how could they get it?

see for better impact

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  1. While the builders delaying ‘a bit’ is nothing new, but this is quite a shocker! Thanks for highlighting the news. Hope the affected get their fair compensation and the builder punished.

    It certainly isn’t enough to paint broad strokes against RE as a genuine investment. A Kolti Patil might delay your plans and cause some loss, but a Madoff has totally uprooted many lives.

    Folks have made windfall profits and losses in equities and RE as well. I think the wisdom lies in trying to put them both to work for you. Thanks to people like you and other bloggers, we get to see from multiple perspectives and make better, educated decisions.

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