Of course real estate is a great investment. If your grandfather or father had done it. Got delivery of the flat and given it to you…

However, when you do it, you need to know where to buy, whether it is a good builder, does the builder have connections to the underworld, will he give delivery of the flat or will he show you a gun?

Not all of us have the luck and the brain power to check all these facts before we buy a house. Of course there is a nexus with the underworld

Of course there is a bureaucracy, judiciary, political and builder nexus.

Chances of you getting justice from any of the above is REMOTE, if not impossible. So one needs to be careful.

Hiranandani – a reputed builder? well, you should see how he has messed up in Chennai. Do not ask HIM, ask the investors.

Indiabulls Panvel – go and check the facts and see what kind of ‘immediate’ deals that are available…

So what do you do? Twiddle your thumbs? I do not know….please fight your own battles..

Here one more battle for the small investor….go read



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  1. Subra sir,
    How about buying the already existing flats/houses where people have stayed for years, if available for price less or equal to market price.

  2. @A, Unless the property/flat is non disputable and owned by multiple parties its safe. Also every house/flat has construction life. Buying should be based on this factor not only the market price.

  3. That’s just sad. Why does such news not get wide publicity? You’d think the apartments should come with some statutory warranty to cover against structural defects (or builder incompetence)…at least for 5-years. Guess it’s just a matter of time when independent houses will become the preferred habitation killing all the benefits of apartment complexes.

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