When you meet ‘clients’ as well as ‘advisers’ I think it is a huge, perhaps, unfair advantage for a blog writer!

So here are all the things that a client says about an adviser…..some true, some ridiculously funny, some downright stupid…

1. I also know that I should invest in good funds, what does my agent do for me?

2. He tells me to invest in an SIP even when the market is at 21,800 – does he not know when the market has topped out?

3. He asks me to fill the form, write the cheque, enter the details in a website…THEN WHAT DOES HE DO?

4. She is always telling me ‘read this’ and ‘read that’ – is that not the AGENT’s job?

5. Tell me Subra who funds my agents annual trips to Europe, US and other places if you say Advisory is not such a lucrative business?

6. My agent went from a person coming in an auto to a person travelling in an Opel Astra, surely being a life insurance and mutual fund agent is a profitable profession!

7. He has asked me to do  SIP in an Income fund also. From what I understand from your blog, this makes no sense, because Income funds are NEVER volatile. Why do averaging? why not do timing?

8. My agent has asked me to do a SIP in an equity fund and at the end of the year I remove it and use it to pay my Unit linked Endowment Plan premium. It is so convenient, good guy no?

9. My agent rebates all that he gets from my business. Tell Me Subra, WHY does he do my business ? at all ?

10. He converts my cash into Pay orders in a co-operative bank and invests. Of course he uses my pan, but he has invested in about 30 schemes – making sure he invests about 1.9L per scheme. I must really thank him, in the last 4 years he has invested Rs. 1 crore of my money without any IT problems. This is fantastic, no?


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  1. First of all, why should we need an AGENT for anything? We can directly go to the company for our needs. From insurance, mutual funds to real estate, these AGENTs have ruined the things terribly due to which common man is suffering due to high prices for everything. And it’s we who promote them 🙁

    We just need to be financially literate (read subramoney, valueresearchonline, jagoinvestor, etc.) or have a good financial planner.

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