I know of a few mis-sellers in the financial services who excel in mis-selling. Let us call them A, B and C. A is so used to mis-selling that when a ‘friend’ wanted to buy a DVD player, he was convincing her to get a lap top. This in spite of the fact that he neither understands or sells laptop.

However, A recently lost a couple of high end mobiles, spent a lot of money on his health – from dentistry to other illnesses etc. He kept wondering why this was happening to him.

I was reminded about a beautiful story. Once upon a time there was a milkman. He was honest and diligent. He had a few cows and he would sell the milk from the cows and earn Rs.200 a day. In the village that he lived this was a good income for him and he was reasonably well to do.

One day, a management consultant met him and gave him very sound advice. He said “Since you have such a nice reputation, you should add water to the milk and that will boost your income”. The milkman was thrilled with the advice and did so.

On the first day, his income doubled! Instead of earning Rs. 200, he earned Rs. 400 and was thrilled. On his way he had to cross a river every day. On this day he felt like having a swim. He removed his clothes and went for a swim.

A smart monkey saw his clothes and decided to take his shirt!

On coming out of the river he found the monkey sitting on a branch jutting out into the river. The milkman frantically waved out to the monkey. The monkey shook the shirt for some time and then threw down the shirt. The monkey’s shaking ensured that some money fell into the water. However, the milkman was releived to get his shirt and some of the money back.

He then counted the money. He had exactly Rs. 200 – his normal collection. He smiled to himself saying “Ha! water has collected its dues” – or as they say in Hindi – ‘Paani ka paisa paani me’.

I presume all the mis-sellers out there have got the story!

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  1. Nice story! Although very few will believe this happens in real life but it’s a good lesson to everybody who is engaged in earning money by wrong means.
    In Marathi, we have a saying similar to this, “Hapapacha maal gapapa!”. Meaning what you earn by wrong way goes out by wrong way only.

  2. Amazing BS – as if honest folks do not have to spend a lot on health related issues, or do not get fleeced by doctors.

    All the corrupt politicians, policemen, doctors, babus – tell this moral story to them – they will have a good laugh.

  3. Todays mis-sellers are better investors too! They don’t put their money in the pockets to leave them behind for a swim in fanciful waters! All their money might not earn any interest in the swiss banks, but our babas, babus, and political honchos have better diversified into real estate (hotels, hospitals, malls,…), gold, equity,…

  4. I agree with Abhijit. These kind of stories do not happen in real life. Salesman A will know that all salesman are liars and he will protect his money well.

  5. There is also a saying in Hindi that Beware- people who harm others God will punish them & that uski lathi me avaaz nahi hoti. His/Her stick does not make noise but acts all the same. I believe in that axiom.

  6. what a jerk this Mangoman is…does not even realize this is a story? I hope he does not read Jataka tales and Panchatantra…or he will say ‘a monkey cannot talk to a crocodile’….Subramoney should have an edit policy, and such idiotic comments should be thrown out, it will save us time sir….

  7. Hi MangoMan, haven’t seen any updates to your site…been waiting to hear from you for a long time!
    Now about this story…I would like to know what happened to the Management Consultant, and how much money *he* made out of this sound advice!
    I get the point of the story…now if only the real world *actually* worked that way…
    For example, I read somewhere that regular, unadulterated milk is now a Premium product! Welcome to Incredible India!

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