does HSBC have a cash flow problem?

should u withdraw your money if you have say Rs. 50L sitting in your bank account?

I have friends who have their accounts with HSBC…if they call up what am I going to say?

FRANKLY I do not know, i do not have an answer…but please read on

also read this on BBC

if you have YOUR MONEY IN your SAVINGS BANK account, Hsbc can say ‘you cannot withdraw cash because we are not happy with the reason why you need it?

amazing is it not? I want to make a payment to a house of ill repute, what is YOUR PROBLEM Mr. Banker?

Please do not stop me from withdrawing my money for MY needs…damn it. Damn u banker…

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  1. Hi Subra

    I am in UK deputed by my company and my company only opens a salary account with HSBC. In this case what option do I have. I have funds moved to NRE account in India , but what happens to some money left in account and if HABC closes down hoping not….

  2. I do hope tax payers will not have to pay for another bailout. From my experience with HSBC, I’d rather it sinks. I don’t think this bank has any sense of responsibility. Closed my account with it a few months back.

  3. Sambaran

    I am not even passing a judgement…just got ONE news item…it is for people to decide how to react to it…

    I am not saying that HSBC is in trouble…just saying please watch out…

  4. Even our own HDFC Bank wants to know the reason for depositing/withdrawing cash in case the amount is more than 1 lakh!!

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