the red color of my shirt is  a warning against……ULIP…!!



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  1. Sir,

    It was very informative. But I felt, the lady who was interviewing did not allow you to speak :-(, she was blocking you before you could finish, everytime!. Nevertheless thank you for sharing it.

  2. Wow, I did not know that you could speak such shudh Hindi. Are you wearing a Red shirt to inform people to beware of Insurance policies.

  3. Soooper points and relevant examples Subraji…
    Agree with Swaroop’s observation….the lady was too irritating.

    Why did you not scream that ULIP itself is a bad product, Sir? 🙂

    It’s only after reading your blog that I realized how these companies are looting you in the name of sales agent.

    One thing I observed regarding these sales agents is that they frequently change companies, frequently change their mobile numbers too. So you can’t catch them when you know you are fooled.

    So, IRDA should make it mandatory to mention Sales Agent’s permanent ID number like PAN or AADHAR number to mention in the policy (by company office) so that in case of action after several years, at least you can track that agent.

    Anyway, would like to see everybody saying “R.I.P……ULIP!!!”

  4. An observation

    1. Anchor is shitty, she was not interested in listening but burping keywords and sentences out.
    2. Subra Sir, your examples were very apt. And actually conveyed the message in very little words and in words that any layman can understand. e.g the cycle,road and truck analogy for customer,IRDA and insurance company respectively, where always the cyclist is the one who suffers the most.

    One suggestion
    1. To stop miss-selling, make free look period of at least 3 months and when a policy is returned during this period the deduction should be only of stamp duty. No admin charges should be deducted. I am sure miss-selling will vaporize.

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