i wish i had made this video….

since I did not make it, and am a Tedx fan I am posting it…


well this is not really applicable to India -we do save a lot. We do not invest it.

We do not insure smartly.

Wondering if we had all this BUILT into your job – and YOU had to TICK OUT OF IT…i guess there would be much much more SIPs, term insurance, ….etc.


just wondering…


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  1. Thank You Subra.Enjoyed watching…Banana vs Chocklate was Superb ! Only about 3 % of sophisticated Americans are confident about retirement Lifestyle ….! Indians on other hand as we all know are great savers and poor investors..so even our retirements are not secured .Thank You subra for your wonderful Inputs ….We are Eating Banana Today and keeping Small chocklate for 2row .Thank YOU ONCE AGAIN !!

  2. good one… inflation there not the killer that we have here, I suppose.

    i’ve been trying to get someone to save– people are so allergic to even tracking expenses, just amazing.

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