well this is perhaps not a great time to be saying that Equities are better than gold, real estate, or debt…

so I am not saying it.

I am not saying it in the Indian context either.

As a rule Indians love RE and gold, and I presume it will remain like that for another 3-4 years. This is because it takes that much time for people to get over a fall…

It took a long time for people to recover from the Great Depression, and it will take them a long time from the great 2008 scams….

So here is an article in an international context…read on



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  1. the read on post gives insight for asset allocation with equity investment superiority. he emphasized the diversifying within mfs, etf and index funds:
    it becomes evident that stocks truly are the best way to maximize the upside potential of one’s portfolio. The key is to hold an appropriate amount and to diversify your holdings through mutual funds, index funds and ETFs. (quote)
    recently i noted most of mf portfolio performed less compared to sensex based index funds since 01042012.

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