If you thought it is about a personal finance workshop that I am about to do, sorry this is not about that.

In the past 10 days about 25-30 people have asked me ‘Subra do you still do your Personal Finance Workshops?’

The answer is NO. And the reasons are the following:

– Mostly personal finance is about DOING, not about KNOWING. My trainings can TEACH you, but cannot make you DO things, so I will fail in my efforts.

-Most people think (pretend?) that they know personal finance. Surely they do not need ME do they?

-Thanks to the financial services (oil skin?) salesmen going around, MOST people including banks want this service free. And they do know that if I do not do it, somebody else will.

-Recently i got a bunch of friends to attend a workshop (along with their wives) where I did a portfolio review. It was not a very pleasant one – I can assure you.

-I am happy to do a portfolio review and action to be taken kind of a ‘NOTE’ provided people want it – but it  a) has to be a couple and b) not more than 10 couples and in Mumbai – and on a weekday. Never on a weekend….please do not treat personal finance as a week end topic. It is not.

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