Private: Finance for Non-Finance people Workshop


Essentials of Finance for Non-Finance Executives is designed to provide you with an understanding of financial management. You will learn  analyzing financial statements, management and the financial planning process.

Today’s managers need to understand finance if their business is to be profitable.

Benefits of the Workshops:

Maximize your ability to use financial techniques in company’s strategic management.
An appreciation of alternative courses of action open to you
The ability to communicate effectively with your financial colleagues

An understanding of the financial consequences of your business decisions
The confidence to use, discuss and present financial information

Workshop Objectives:

The workshop aims to raise the level of financial awareness of the participants and enable them to use the financial information provided to them to make better decisions.

To equip participants with adequate financial tools to analyze financial statements and financial performance. Prime areas of focus include Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Cash Budget, Capital Budgets, Financial Ratios, etc.

Topics covered:
Accounting basics & Financial statements

Budget planning
–          Concepts & types of budget
–          Monitoring & controlling Budget
–          Variance Analysis

Corporate Financial Reporting
–          To read and understand a company’s financial statements
–          Elements of the Balance Sheet & P&L account Accounting Framework

Evaluation of Financial Performance
–          To analyse the performance of a company and understand the ways of improving performance
–          Ratio Analysis

Working Capital Management
–          To understand the importance of working capital management
–          Concept of Working Capital Managing the various components lke inventory, debtors and creditors Working Capital Financing.

Cost analysis for Decision making
–          To analyse product profitability and improve decision making
–          Cost Concepts
–          Break Even Analysis
–          Activity Based Costing

Who should attend:

Directors, General Managers, Managers and other executive who use financial information in the course of their work and od not have any specialized training in understanding financial information. Managers & Executives in sales, marketing, business development, project management, HR, IT, engineering, manufacturing, general management and analysts tracking companies performance.


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  1. Ashish

    thanks for asking! i do it only for corporates – i.e. a group of say 20 people from a company can attend. i am too lazy to do an open program….because that means collecting money from 20 people, arranging for venue, printouts,…etc.

    prefer a wholesale market 🙂 to a retail one 🙂 so if u are a corporate / a group of friends we could do it…not planning any open programs on my own…

  2. Hi Subra,
    can I join in any of the corporate programs you will be doing in near future or any one you are scheduled for? Please.

  3. Subra, Thanks for reply.
    I am not with Corp. Just like Aditya Modi in the above post i would request you to inform me too if i can join with a corp program in near future.

    Or if 20 individuals requests you same thing then please connect all of us to make a group.


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