2013 is over and a new year 2014 is upon us. Well almost.

Almost all websites will now want you to create resolutions…let me tell you why you should stick to those resolutions!

1. You can, only, if you want: See people go and do what they want to do ! People who succeed are those who do not give up. Tushar Kapoor, Abhishek Bachhan,…there is a whole list of people who are not willing to give up (no this is not derogatory, remember these guys may not be at the top, but they make more money than 99.99% of the Indian population.

2. Companies with zero profits are getting valued at 50 times their SALES REVENUE – the market rewards ONLY those who are alive. So do not just give up. Give your best, and then take it public. Even Goldman Sachs realized value only when they went public. To go public, you need to be alive, right?

3. Because if you really want something, the world is willing to give it to you! You need to believe in that and make the world work to your benefit.

4. Because people decide to wake up and run the marathon, swim in the ocean for 8 hours, and also do the triathlon. If they can, so can you . Just get into some sport.

5. Because 25 years AFTER his death, Kishore Kumar can move people with his songs. You are alive, dammit, why can’t you?

6. Compounding takes time, and hey you are still young.

7. It is a rich man’s world, and you are getting there. Slowly, but surely.

8. You need to get healthy and wealthy. Nobody is planning to look after an old poor person. Old age benefits NEED TO BE BOUGHT with money. And costs kept low with GOOD HEALTH. Go get both. Health and Wealth.

9. Getting rich is not difficult. Staying rich is tough. First get rich, then stay rich. Reading www.subramoney.com will help…

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  1. Dear Subra,
    Great post as usual! Thanking you for enlightning us ignorant souls via your blog through the years and wishing you may continue to do so for many many more years to come.
    Wishing you a very very Happy new year.

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