Design is not just something aesthetic or to add beauty. It can also be your life. If your parent has created wealth for you – and that wealth allows you to say ‘I need not earn for my livelihood’ it is a good design.

If you have designed your earning, spending and living in such a way that you are comfortable, it is a good financial design.

Thus you see design has a role to play in all our lives. We can design (and must do) our finances, health, food, thoughts,  in such a way that we lead a life of comfort.

How does one design a nice financial life?

– learning to live in a budget

– choosing a financially compatiable life partner

– teaching our children to have patience and teaching them that ‘Instant Gratification’ will not happen. Not that we cannot afford it, but yes just to learn to be patient. At the age of 9, 10 or  12. At 50 years of age patience may be well in built – or will not happen at all.

-designing a good meal. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

– designing a good life style, attitude…

See life is all about design, right?

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  1. Subra, i dont think life is all about designs, but i think life is all about “BALANCE”
    No once’s life is perfect, there wil always be something more or something less, ups as well as down, its how you ‘balance’ things out in these situations that matter

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