Recently attended many weddings, and so I started wondering how would these kids be talking to each other about money?

What happens if the guys blows all the money and the girl saves everything?

What happens if the girl needs to buy a new dress every month and the guy is happy to wear the same Jeans for 5 years?

What happens if the girl ‘thinks’ she is entitled to a ‘high quality vacation’ in a nice locale and the guy thinks ‘he must visit his parents once in 6 months, so he cannot afford a vacation?

hmmmm….well sooner or later you need to talk about:

a) your money, my money and our money: decide how much money to pool together and how much to keep for ‘yourself’ – and please do not bother how the ‘your money’ is being spend. Remember it is NOT part of the ‘our’ money.

b) keep a limit below which you will not discuss or comment – if she buys a top for Rs. 1200 YOU will not say ‘OMG you just bought one 2 weeks ago’. Of course you need to have an item limit and a monthly limit too!! Similarly if your guy buys the nth running shoe remember men collect footwear just as women do. It is not a ‘woman’s thing’ so if it is within the budget, live with it. If not, SCREAM.

c) Financial stress is serious, and it kills marriages, take it seriously.

d) 4 out of 5 couples disagree about money. It need not be a fight, it can be better communication.

e) Decide how will you treat requests from friends and family for loans!

f) Start talking about money – believe me it is far more important than the honeymoon that you have recently comeback from!

g) decide how much you will allow your parents to influence YOU about buying a house, investing in equities,….

h) decide to take half an hour a week to talk about money (a formal sit down talk – including a once a year talk). Keep your conversation light, and use a language that both of you are comfortable with.

….you will read more……….

i) create a couple investment philosophy statemet

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