I find the following situations odd…when professionals say something and do something else….!

Here are a few examples known to me:

A trainer in a life insurance company who trained sales people for selling ULIPS – BUT WOULD NEVER invest in a ulip or a mutual fund. She would invest only in bank fixed deposits. I probed shamelessly. She said ‘my dad decides where my money should be invested’. Interesting. Her father was a retired clerk from an MNC. Never invested in anything other than the house and bank fixed deposits.

A trainer who did sales training, but had never ever gone on a sales call. His logic? all Generals in the army need not have been a gun carrying ‘soldier’….after all the GM of a factory need not have been a welder or a fitter, right?

A trainer who refuses to write the qualifying exam for which she trains a lot of people…..

Worse than trainers I know one ‘WEALTH’ sales person who has a HUGE outstanding on his credit card.

Amazing how this guy can talk to people about ‘wealth creation’….till he met me he did not even know that if there is outstanding on a credit card, the word ‘due date’ makes NO sense….

Why does this happen?

Simply because the salesmen or the trainers have NO CONVICTION in what they are doing.

For me this is a NO NO. I am completely into equity. I love doing sales. I hate giving free advice. I do train people, but my expectation from my training is not sky high. Simply because I believe that people do not do the full thing EXACTLY as I would expect them to do. I can live with that I guess…


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  1. Hi Subra,
    For these professionals, sales training is just profession. Poor thing is they really don’t understand what they are saying OR not believing what they are saying.

    Not all owners eats in their same restuarant everyday, right? 🙂


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