On the one hand I see a lot of traction at the Policy level regarding Pensions, and on the other hand I meet people NOT AT ALL prepared for retirement!

One of my friends introduced me to his cousin….Well here is the stunning story…

Here is a guy EMPLOYED  in the pharma business and having a CXO position. Has a salary in 8 digits – well almost if you consider the perks! At his age of 57 you expect him to have a safety net, right?

Well, wrong.

He is HOPING that his company (almost family run) will keep him for 7-10 more years! Who will tell him that hope is NOT STRATEGY?

Well it is not as though he does not have anything, but really NOTHING CREATED by him except one house in which he is living! This is a house that belongs to his MOTHER and is in a good location in Mumbai. He has also been lucky to inherit a house in another metro – and the same has been kept locked FOR THE PAST 10 YEARS, because he is afraid to give it on rent.

Apart from these 2 houses he has also bought one flat in the outskirts of a 3rd metro – and will get delivery in the next 1-3 years.

So it is not as though he has nothing, but no where near enough for paying for the education of his 2 children, their marriage, wife’s illness (currently being paid for by the company with its liberal medical policy!).

If you work with people for their pensions, such a client/ friend is like a nightmare. There is  NO STARTING point. What do you tell a 58 year old? start early? do a small SIP? do not buy more real estate (it has worked for me, Subra, like equities worked for you!!). ….

The worst thing is he has no clue when his son/ daughter need big money for studying abroad (these days kids do not study in India, is it?)..will the real estate boom still be continuing to be going great.

God bless you!


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  1. Subra,

    For you this is shocking, for a long time it was a way of life in my family. In fact being proud that I Have nothing for myself, I have done so much for others etc etc. And hold your breath…. logic that since I have given so much to others, God will give me when I need money!…..

  2. I can understand that part about the locked house–have been showing “deemed rent” for a couple of years, who wants to get into litigation specially if the area is now a prime one.

    But no dividend income? Nothing at all?

    Is there any choice except rental/sale to create a cash flow!

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