book for doctors…

book on retirement…

well two of my books now available on amazon….

so all doctors…please buy, read and give me a feedback….thanks

the doctors book will NOT be available in shops – they do not have any space to keep titles for which they do not expect much mass appeal.

So buying online is THE ONLY option…not sure how i can reach out to doctor’s associations, medical colleges, etc….

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  1. Dear Sir,

    Not sure if you have already tried it, but IMA is a good channel – they will have a directory of all doctors. You can also look at liasing with the technical conferences, weekly meetings held by a lot of associations (these are specific to different specialities). I remember vaguely reading that pharma companies are the major consumers of your book (to give as compliments, I assume). Tie-ups with hospital chains such as a Vasan is also a good idea, I think.

  2. Subra Sir,

    Just out of curiosity: What made you come up with a investment book just for ‘doctors’?

    What makes them different from investment point of view?

    Best Regards.

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