Bharat Ratna is recommended by the PM to the President…and so if Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar has to get it, prime minister MMS has to recommend it to Pranab….

What if the PM himself wants it? then what happens?

Well…when Maulana Abul Kalaam was told that he was being given a government honor, he laughed. He told Nehru “As a Minister I AM A SERVANT of the Central Government…but I am a part of the CG…so HOW can the CG give me an award?’ so he REFUSED governmental honor…

But Nehru and Indira were totally conceited…so read on


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  1. all civilian awards given by the govt should be abolished.these fine citizens are already being honored in their private lives ,so why make the tax payer fund more aggrandisement for the govt of the day?

    also,i wanted to point out how shameless CNR Rao has been.a fellow who has been funded 95% of his life by the taxpayer,instead of showing some gratitude goes on a rant why his work is so important that poor people of india should divert their tax money to his research work.

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