One of the biggest secrets to a good life is to have nice physical health and mental health. The need to maintain good physical health is being written about by lots of people. Regular exercise, proper sleep, healthy foods, lots of vegetables, as vegan as possible, drink lots of water…etc. etc.

Lets turn to mental health now.

One important aspect of mental health is to remain positive always. Is this easy? well yes and no. It is easy because it can be learnt. It is difficult because it has to be practiced regularly.

Do not React, respond: when something negative happens – some comment, some sales deal not closing, some friend’s reaction to what you said or wrote….first RELAX. There is no need for an immediate knee jerk reaction at all.

Think about it. A failure is just TEMPORARY. One failed sales call? Ha if you have scheduled 4 sales calls in a day – remember the other 3 people do not know about the failed go about the other calls. If you can get 3 right sales calls in a day, it means you got 75% of your sales calls right. That is awesome. Even the king of the forest – the lion- gets only 1 or 2 out of 5 calls right!

Remind yourself: You are awesome!

Isolate the incident: there are many things that you did right on that day, correct? you drove well, you helped somebody, you made your morning breakfast, you spoke to a classmate, you called up your parents, you dropped your daughter in school….AND YOU dropped a sale. Does not matter.

Did the client say ‘no’ or ‘never’? Did he say ‘I will not buy’ or did he say ‘I will not buy FROM YOU’ ….maybe he had other pressing needs. Maybe he just bought something else?..give him time maybe, just maybe he will come back?

Remember setbacks as temporary: Face it, you have made far more successful calls than unsuccessful calls, right? Keep score and remind yourself.

Learn from the experience: Failure in sales should not be so frustrating that you do not learn from it. Keep a learning notebook and read it from time to time…..just helps.

Remember it is not personal. Take a long term view of life, do some deep breathing exercises and have a glass of water.

Move on in life.

Remember the title? Be POSITIVE, ALWAYS!!

Happy dhan teras, deepavali, new year, and make it a great POSITIVE life ahead.

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  1. Best Diwali Gift To start my Day and Also to end this Year Happily , Positively and by learning something Great From A Great Person.

    Wishing you and your Family Happy Diwali .

  2. Dear Subraji,
    Wish you a very Happy Deepavali and prosperous Nutan Varshaabhinandan from bottom of my heart. I am really grateful which you have given and still giving me the complete makeover of my material life, and wide understanding of investing. Hope dear Bhagawan will continue giving you help and strength to write a very useful investing articles for all of us.
    Saurabh Chavda

  3. My father is not alive, but had he been here with us today, he would have dispensed the same advice about being positive …Thank you

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