It may sound odd, but being fit is a state of mind. It also differs from person to person, country to country, …and the answers are always different.

Let us see what it is  and what it is not!

a. It surely does not mean you should look like those models who are paid to have that macho but half starved looks!

b. It surely is about not having to take sick leave from office. If you are fit enough to say ‘I did not take any sick leave in the past 5 years’ and you are above 50 years of age, you are there already!

c. If you are a man you must have glanced at those buttox filled boys with ripped muscles, abs, and if you are a woman, you would have glanced at those stunning – machine corrected – women! Well that is surely not fitness.

Now let us see what is being fit:

a. Depending on your age and level of fitness at what speed can you do a 5km run or a 10km run. If you are say 50 years of age and can do a sub 30 5k run, you are fit. However if you are just 25 you may be able to do it in 25 minutes instead of 30.

b. If you have never taken sick leave you are fit….

c. If you can climb 50 steps without panting or resting, you may be fit….

so the list could be pretty long…

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  1. Subra Sir, Not buttox it’s (botox )is a type of injection so that one will not look old.

    For ripped muscles, abs these guys take Steriods.

  2. I am going to say ‘ half correct’.Subra is a runner/cyclist so his fitness goals are all in terms of running x cardio fitness.
    Cardio fitness is useless without strength and flexibility.

    Also,who are we kidding,most people start exercising not just to improve aerobic fitness,but also to ‘look good’ ie not be embarassed to take off your shirt in public.

    Someone who can lift 1 x Body weight in bench press, 2 x bw in deadlift and 1.75 bw in squats are also very fit and above average strong people.Lifting these weights automatically improves their medium term endurance ie they can ‘run’ 5km instead of ‘jogging’ it with almost no training.
    Also,running is not fun for everyone.People can get their endorphins lifting heavy iron in the gym too .In fact, everyone should lift -including women .Women have this irrational fear of bulking up if they lift even a tiny bit of weight in the gym -no wonder you see them lifting those puny pink dumbbells and not getting ‘toned’ nor losing ‘neghar fonooni’ to see an example of women who lift more than most men and continue to look feminine.
    Steroids and extrmeley ripped muscles are for those who want to be body builders -not everyone has bodybuilding goals.Getting strong is a worthy goal. Deskbound workers who slouch at their workstations daily are more likely to be weak people.They can get enormous benefits with deadlifts and other exercises which strengthen the erector spinae.

    Flexibility too:yoga,pilates ,martial arts -anyone that stretches tendons and fascia and improve reflexes and co-ordination are also necessary aspects of fitness.

    Also lookswise,c’mon who in their sane minds wants to look like those skinny African marathon runners. Wouldnt you rather look like Usain bolt?

  3. @Pravin: Nailed it bro, I dont understand the aversion towards weights by many people, especially women and older folks.They need it the most, to maintain good bone density, lean muscle mass and body balance. Multi-joint workouts like dead lifts, squats and rowing id done with proper posture can do a world of good.
    btw, do you have any CPT certs??

    @Subra: There is also a concept called Afterburn which happens with resistance(weight) training and helps in far greater overall calorie burning than traditional aerobic exercises. And not everyone take Botox or Steroids, you can build a Greek god like body with sheer hard work,dedication and good diet, Its as much a hobby for us gym rats like running is for you.

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