Well we all the things that you have done in your life have made your life better, right?

Or wait a minute has it, or has it not?

Have we complicated our lives too much?

Do you spend long hours wondering what you are doing, how you are doing, whether you are being good to others?

Are you happy meeting your colleagues? Your family? Or is one just an escape from the other? Can you feel genuinely happy at somebody else’s success or happiness? Do you just go beyond yourself to enjoy a function like a marriage or a friends birthday or do you hold back? Can you scream, shout and dance – be it in a disco or at a Bhajan? can you feel the capillaries of your brains fill with blood when you sing or even say ‘Samiye Sharanam Ayyappa?’

Can you answer the following questions Honestly?

Who are You? – beyond the name, designation, role, exactly who and what are you?

What you do? – What exactly is your job? do you feel thrilled doing it or you are doing it for your EMIs of life? Will you do this job if suddenly you won a lottery and DID NOT NEED THE MONEY?

The other way to ask the second question is “what do you feel confident teaching people?” – assuming you are 50 years of age and your company told you ‘Please teach this kid all that you know and train him/her to make YOURSELF redundant in 2 years time’ will you be able to teach it? Selfishly?

If not your current work….in which field can you do that? (That profession is your calling, your current job is to pay your bills)

Who do you do it for? – currently who is the beneficiary of your work? who are you doing it for (obviously not your boss, i mean your clients)

what do they want from you? – what you do for them, do they really want it or have you MANUFACTURED the demand? Do you personally feel that YOU are delivering what the client wants – and the client is in perfect understanding of what you are doing and why!

How do they change as a result of your teaching?

This is perhaps the toughest question to answer. If the answer to this is YES, that my friend is the purpose of your life.

Only one caveat: It is tough to answer all these questions honestly, so try 2-3 times.

If the answer to the last question is YES, and that is what you are doing, YOU ARE RETIRED.

You are doing what you ENJOY, not what you MUST.


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