Well not too many people protested when I did not do a new post for 2 days….that makes me happy…

Couple of sms, 2-3 messages on FB, one on FB chat….thats all…so i can cut down my writing to 5 a week from 7 a week…

Anyway what are the foolish things that one can do with money? Is there a pattern, have YOU done them?

1. Keep all your money in a bank account: I actually saw a woman keep all her salary (for the past 30 odd years) in her Savings bank account. Why? because her husband / father in law said ‘we have enough, do not need your money’. Not by way of protest or anything, just that she decided to do so! This is one of the worst things that I have seen in my life.

2. Keep all the money in ONE SINGLE asset class. It could be Real Estate, Equity, bank f d, ….one single asset class is dangerous….

3. Buy penny stocks and then have the cheek to say ‘But sir when you bought all those shares in your portfolio -they were penny stocks!! Look if  I have a share where the price is Rs. 224 and my cost is Rs. 1.89 it is not because it was a penny stock, it is because of the splits and bonuses that the company gave!!

4. Buying a house for primary residence – much beyond your capacity – just because it will appreciate. Yes it may appreciate, but hey YOU will never be able to sell it! What purpose does such a purchase serve?

5. Do nothing regarding risk – no insurance, towards retirement – no clue what to do, delay discussing money with family.


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  1. Yes. Your writings were less in the past few days. I am a regular follower of your writing. Every morning they are the first thing I used to see,

  2. Hi Subra ,
    Iam a daily visitor to your blog but do not comment. The gyan that you share is absolutely wonderful and must mention “practical” to the core. Most of the topics (except equity) is what I normally discuss on a day to day basis in my family and feel that it’s out of pure experience and your wording are just plain wonderful.
    Do keep it up.
    Good job .

  3. I am regular reader and your blog is the first thing to check out every morning. I missed new post last 2 days, so I went and read few posts from archive. Keep writing and give us daily dose.


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