When a child opens his or her tiffin box the kid hopes to find food, right?

Well not so fast. Just did a small dip survey and found that there are mothers who have no qualms about sending a pack of bourbon biscuits for LUNCH. EEEEEEEEEeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkksssssssssssssssssss

that is exactly what i said when i heard that!

what kind of a parent gives ONLY junk for lunch? does she expect that kid to eat 8 cream biscuits for LUNCH?

OR A father (travelling by train) giving a 1 liter Pepsi bottle to his thirsty 5 YEAR OLD son??

beats me completely. Then there is another parent who says that canteens in schools and colleges should not SELL JUNK FOOD? well it does not matter whether it is implemented or not….but yes there are such a set of parents too…




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  1. some dont even give lunch. they give money to buy something and eat. no doubt most childrens are fat, not healthy, parents think that a glass of ‘health drink’ at night covers up all, as their ad claims.

  2. Please do a post on milk also Subra,

    the torture of mothers and wifes for milk in this country is intolerable now 🙂

  3. will soon give a link about why milk is not too great….a book has been written by…..the author’s name will be a shocker…give me a couple of days.

    For long Maneka Gandhi has been speaking against the dairy industry, but is obviously not heard in the paid media cacophony.

  4. Too true ! I also am amazed that many parents give junk food so frequently …. yes some indulgence is fine … but I hear about tiffins being filled with biscuits / cakes (brittania) / kurkure / chips / chocos ( not at all sure how healthy this is daily !!! ) – every single day !

    I would not mind giving money for the school canteen if healthy options are present – but do not know schools with this. Plus will my kid choose to opt for healthy food ? Yes the idea is that we inculcate the habit ofcourse ! 🙂

  5. Looking at the obesity rates in educated and otherwise intelligent adults we can assume that the impulse to eat tasty and convenience food is not very easy to control. In that case we can’t expect kids to make healthy food choices.

    Parents should avoid giving junk food to kids. If they do, it is be coz of plain unawareness of the toxic effects. Knowledge is the key here.
    Legislation or parents associations may have a role to play in keeping junk food out of school canteens. Junk is like an addiction. The less anyone is exposed to it, the better.

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