When you grow up in Ghatkopar and live there for 3/4ths of your life, most friends tend to be Jains.

So over the next few days a lot of them will call me to say ‘Michhami Dukkadam’.

And as is wont, I will repeat it. I am communicating far, far more on my blog than through my other daily interactions or even through lectures.

I hate, hate, hate hurting people – knowingly or unknowingly. However I do hurt people.

Invariably we hurt the people we love the most! And that is what bothers us. Hurting a person we do not love does not matter, does it?

So here is my apology to all Marxists, Socialists, Capitalists, Democrats, Republicans, Congress (no not Baboons), BJP loyalists, all Ayn Rand devotees (I used to be a fan, never became a devotee), all fans of indexing (does not work in India), all regulators (does not work anywhere in the world), all financial education and inclusion bandwagon riders (yes there are about 84000 organisations doing it), all experts who come on television, all anchors, all personal finance writers who spew generalisations as personal finance planning.

All the people reading my blog, all the people who click on the ads on my blog, all the people know ads should not be clicked, all the people who comment, all the people who think I edit comments, all the people who know I do not edit comments. Apologies to people who think my blog is a guide – and apologies to people who have by now accepted that I tease, entertain, lie, freak out, exaggerate.

A million apologies to people who think that this is an educational site – it is not. It is a pointer to tell you what all you do not know. I know of 5 professors who ask their students to read this blog – this has ensured that my FB ‘friends’ are kids half my age. Recently I added the Mom of a kid – and the mom is my classmate. Apologies to all these kids if I am harsh on them. Not your fault. Our gen has failed you. Failed you like mad, we deserve to be shot. In the head, no doubt about that. Sorry to my generation – but that is my view. We have failed the country.

Apologies, to all the children who expect their parents to spend for their education, to all the parents who show off their wealth by blowing money on kids weddings.  The parents want the tamasha, the kids themselves do not want it.

Apologies, to all those who are not investing for retirement, to those who are hoping that their kids will take care of them in their old age, to those who do not plan for retirement thinking they will die young, to all those students whose MBA degree is getting them only low end jobs, to those colleges who are telling their students …well it is too boring is it not….so …..and every body else including Obama, helicopter Ben and their guru Alan Greenspan, why even Osama’s children.

And the innocent people around Osama who were killed by Obama’s men. Not a fan of Osama, but not a fan of Obama either.

So just to carry this a little further, Michhami Dukkadam to all of you….

Jai Jinendra On this auspicious occasion of Paryushan we wish you all Michhami Dukkadam!

We beg your forgiveness from inner of our hearts for whatever misdeeds or mis-behaviour whether knowingly or unknowingly occured by ourselves to you through mind, thoughts, actions or speech during the past year. Michchhami Dukkadam on the occasion of Savantsari Maha Parve Kshamapana Sutra with Meaning

KHAAMEMI SAVVE JEEVA (I grant forgiveness to all living beings)

SAVVE JEEVA KHAMANTU ME (May all living beings grant me forgiveness)

METTI ME SAVVE BHUYESU (My friendship is with all living beings)

VAIRAM MAJHAM NA KENAI (My enemy is totally non-existent)

MICHHAMI DUKKADAM With best wishes and prayers for the well-being of all things living……!

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  1. If michchhami dukkadam were to be used by our politicians Then Iam afraid that this ritual will be carried out daily in perpetuity since there is no end to the atrocities being committed by them Political affiliations dont matter here They may be of any political name but their deeds are similiar

  2. Subra Sir,

    You can only cause so much (limited) harm with bad intentions, but with good intentions the harm caused can be magnanimous, this is something I ponder over regularly.

    Others can cause very little harm to you / You can cause very little harm to others, compared the amount of harm you can cause to yourself.

    Good intentions can cause bigger harm to you than bad intentions.


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