Just outside many railway stations you find some pharma company offering to check your blood pressure and blood group. Do remember the blood group involves a prick!

Not sure if people throng such places to save some money, but do they realise the risk that they are taking?

The fact that some untrained person is doing it?

That the needles may be of poor quality?

That there is great temptation for people to use the same needle again?

How many of them realize that the benefits of medical testing is far lesser than the risks of ‘pricking’ ?

No clue why people take so much of risk – and what they are trying to save! Money? Not sure, or is it just that they want something that they are getting free that drives them there? No clue.

Some of the people who come are college going kids – maybe they are there to make the numbers look good, or maybe they really want to know whether they have blood pressure!

In life, as in investing most people do not know how much risk to take, what are the benefits, do you need it at all, etc. Sad, but true.

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  1. >>>> “as in investing most people do not know how much risk to take”

    The issue at hand might be much bigger and it starts with lack of education in “investments”.

    Lack of basic knowledge in:
    1. how to invest? (% in different asset class)
    2. how much to invest? (position sizing)
    3. how much risk is appropriate? (when to cut losses)
    4. when to let go? (emotional attachment or denial or hope)
    5. and so on…

    Partly, the issue is many people DO NOT have good and reliable place to find relevant information and then “lack” of will to really take efforts to organize financial life…

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