Financial literacy and Financial education are thrown about freely. I attend meetings where some very serious sounding people create a lot of soundbytes saying how we should ‘educate’ people about financial literacy.

I do not believe in financial literacy. Let us take the case of a guy with a CTC of Rs. 18 Lakhs – he is a CA aged about 30 years. He borrows continuously and pays ridiculous amounts as interest, late payment charges, ….etc.

His boss wanted me to talk to him about living within his means. I baulked, and then refused.

You can ONLY educate somebody who does not know.

You cannot educate somebody who does not want to know.

You cannot educate somebody who has too much ego to ask.

You cannot educate somebody who has no desire to learn.

You cannot educate somebody who buys because the banker calls a zillion times.

You cannot educated somebody too arrogant to admit to the salesman that he did not understand.

You cannot educate somebody who thinks Finance is for lesser mortals, and he is superior to such people.

After all education (and learning) can happen only if the person who comes to learn comes with humility. He has to admit that he does not have all the answers, and by paying attention he will develop the ability to UNDERSTAND.

After all LEARNING is an active verb, TRAINING is a passive verb.

If 99%  of us work for money, how come only 1% of the population actually takes time off to manage their money?

Why is it that if 90% of the population were to devote 10% of their time to their own financial LEARNING, they would have much more MONEY than if they devoted time completely to their work?

Go, get off your butt and LEARN FINANCE. It will lead you to

happiness, early retirement, less blood pressure, – Financial Freedom!

Now, Go, dance…..


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  1. Prof Anand Khandekar

    I am seriously interested in being a part of that 1%.. want to learn to MANAGE money.. that talk you mentioned is required ..

  2. sir, you are right that You can ONLY educate somebody who does not know. however sometimes by reading something intended for finance literacy spreading would enlighten laymen like us and serve the purpose. thank you for the blog spreading finance literacy.

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