What would have happened to your portfolio pricing if your pension policy were to come up for pricing NOW?

What would be the MARKET VALUE of your Endowment policy, if it had to be marked to market in this market?

How unnerved would you have been if you got the NAV of your endowment policy?

What would be the position of the ULIP that is fully invested in debt (did you know that there were such policies?)

When RBI waved the gun, sadly, all the participants found out it was a water pistol, not a real gun.

‘Subra see here it says “SUM ASSURED” – so I am assured that i will get the money mentioned in the policy after 10 years. So I will pay Rs. 15,000 for 3 years, and then I will get Rs. 300,000 after 10 years.  — this is easy to understand, right?

“Subra I agree that insurance agents lie, but why would my  AUNT lie to me?

No, darling, your Aunt is NOT lying to you….She is repeating what her Manager has told HER….and your aunt has OBVIOUSLY not understood what she heard…

The next RBI auction will have only 1 bidder – LIC…The banks have lent to GMR, GVK, Adag, Kingfisher,….so they have no money. Mutual funds, ha! Other insurance companies are only redeeming – how will they invest, LIC ki jai ho…

When the RBI waved a gun, people realised that it was a water pistol, not a loaded gun. Sad part with an empty gun is the outside world should not know it is EMPTY. Remember what Amitabh Bachhan said in ‘Don’? LoL that was 30 years ago!!



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  1. I completely agree about the watergun Subra….I also feel not only was it a watergun but it was probably also empty!!!!

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